Red WhatsApp APK: Download Latest Version 2023 (Android)

Download the latest version of Red WhatsApp Apk 2023 for android: WhatsApp Red is a MOD version based on the original WhatsApp which has some advanced features. It is just like just mods like GbWhatsApp & FmWhatsApp. The WhatsApp Red Plus update several fantastic new function, like the ability to hide your online status and save media after one view. So here download link for your android.


Red WhatsApp Apk

Even though WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, but many of its users are dissatisfied due to limited features and restrictions so I think it might benefit from additional features and, most importantly, greater customization. WhatsApp is available for both Android and iOS. To put it another way, what we mean by “MODs”?  yes they are modified versions of WhatsApp that expand the functionality of the original programme, such as WhatsApp Red. It is come with amazing themes and privacy customization according to your desire to attracted more and more users. There are numerous messaging and calling apps to keep in touch with friends and family. However, the question remains as to why WhatsApp remains innovative. Millions of people use it, yes. Indeed, millions. Because of this, it is obvious how much confidence and affection WhatsApp has in this feature. In this article we gonna discuss about the Red WhatsApp, its apk file, installation process and their incredible features.

What is Red WhatsApp

If you’re looking for a more robust and customizable WhatsApp experience, go no further than WhatsApp Red. Amazingly, WhatsApp Red(REDWA), a modified version of the program, has several services and functions not seen in the original version. All Android smartphones are capable of downloading this incredible mod. This app is developed by a developer named Abu3rab and can be downloaded for free. A third-party developer created Red WhatsApp mod apk by enhancing the core app with a number of useful extras aimed at improving the user experience. The most important of the mod apk is that you cannot find it in the play store so, you have to download it from a third-party site. Caltongate is the most genuine and trustworthy site when it comes to downloading any mod apk app. So Download the latest version of Red WhatsApp (V23.0) 2023 and installation is a very easy process on your android.

About Red WhatsApp Apk Files

Here is the full details regarding RED WhatsAApp File and the features and steps below to update to REDWA apk latest version.

App Name Red WhatsApp Apk
Android Requirement 5.0 or above
Version v23.00
File size 60 MB
Last updated 1 day ago

Features of Red WhatsApp

In the past, we’ve shared many fantastic WhatsApp mod features. Have you found it to be interesting? But I think the mod apk additions truly tip the scales in our favour. Our schedules are too hectic to allow us to socialise every day in physical mode, but thanks to the mod apk, our WhatsApp chats have taken on a new level of sophistication. Hide online status, Disable Forward, Hide read receipt, and many more  makes this technology more intresting. Swipe down to learn about more features, trust me you won’t regret it.

Key features

  • Hide read receipt: With WhatsApp Red, you can easily disable the read receipt feature with one click.
  • See Status:These days, many people would appreciate a function that would allow them to peek at someone else’s status without noticing them. Red WhatsApp has included this fantastic new function in its latest update.
  • Hide hints: The other party can see the voice message we’ve recorded in the upper status bar. You may easily disable this function if you don’t want other people to be able to see this notification in your status bar. Without sending them, audio messages can be recorded and deleted.
  •  Free & Safe: Don’t worry red WhatsApp is totally safe and secure to use and yes its totally free to download.
  • Auto Delete: You may quickly enable the fantastic Anti Delete feature from the settings. Users of this feature are able to view all deleted communications, so you can quickly identify who sent you what and what was removed. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen on WhatsApp, along with the ability to see messages, is the ability to see their deleted status.
  • Customization: There are settings in WhatsApp Read that let you tweak how and when you receive alerts. All aspects of your online presence, from chats to who may view your status updates and what kind of privacy settings you use dependent on who you are connected with, are under your command in these apps. A contact’s ability to send and receive messages can be activated or deactivated independently of one another.
  • Unlimited Everything
  • No Ads
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature.
  • Finding more elements than the official one such as color, background color, wallpapers, themes, and so on.
  • Interface in Red Color

How to Install the Red Whatsapp APK on Android?

Download the latest version 2023 Red WhatsApp Apk with the help following steps and the link I mentioned below:-

Red WhatsApp apk unknown source setting

  1. If you’re new in this field, then all you have to do is turn ONN the unknown sources on android phone i.e. go to setting>security> unknown source.
  2. Before downloading the file, make sure your device has enough space.
  3. Then download the mod Red WhatsApp apk Latest version (V23.00) 2023 on your android phone.
  4. This will start the software installation, and you will then be prompted for permissions.
  5. After installation, It will appear on the home screen.
  6. open the App and enter your mobile number.
  7. Verify your number ( same process as the original one).

How to create an account in RED WhatsApp App?

  • Open Red WhatsApp and enter your mobile number.
  •  Then, enter OTP that comes in your registered mobile number.
  • After then, enter your name and set up a backup account.
  • Allows every notification to enable camera microphone and location in your WhatsApp.
  • Now you can easily use Red WhatsApp smashing features and impress your family and friends with cool emojis😎.

Why Should you choose Red WhatsApp Over Original WhatsApp?

This app is a Modified version of the original WhatsApp, as you are already aware. Then, Why should you use it? the answer is very straight, It is a modified version of the standard one with some highly attractive features as I already mentioned in the features paragraphs. Unlike WhatsApp, Red WhatsApp has more features and functionalities if you download it. According to the mod’s creators, this mod also includes an app blocker, guaranteeing that you won’t ever be prevented from using it. You can Share big PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, picture, audio, and video files, Schedule messages, etc. But the question is more serious when it comes to legal or not. Yes, it is legal, safe, and secure. You can easily get updates of the mod version on our site. So keep updating your mod version weekly, here download your favorite Red WhatsApp apk Latest version (V23.00) on your android phone.

WhatsApp Red APK Screenshots ( Android)

Red WhatsApp Red WhatsApp Red WhatsApp Red WhatsApp Red WhatsApp Red WhatsApp


What are the Requirements to download Red WhatsApp Apk file on android
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5+.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Access to Gallery & Contacts.
  • Location of the device.
  • Device Identity External Storage Access.
  • Enable the option of an unknown source from the setting.
Is Red WhatsApp Apk is safe and secure?
The use of third-party editing programmes has two key limitations. Malware viruses that can harm your phone are one drawback, and third-party developers having access to your personal information puts your privacy at danger. but if you download from our site then you’ll get the best version with free of viruses.

Final Statement

So, that’s all about Red WhatsApp for Android, and we hope you can get the application from this page. There are many apps like WhatsApp Red APK for Android available, but this app has its own unique features that you should try as well. We are confident that you will enjoy it as much as other WhatsApp Red users.  Many Millions of Users also give Positive feedback. RedWA V23.00 apk version has advanced features with great feasibility. The most crucial step is to download the app’s apk from a trustworthy website, so download through the site And we try our best to provide you mod apk with an anti-ban version and free from viruses. So enjoy the new mod apk without any restrictions and if any queries feel free to comment.

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