GTA 5 APK: Download for Android & iOS

GTA 5 . the fifth game in the popular Grand Theft Auto series is an action and adventurous game with role play according to the player’s story. So, Download the most popular game GTA 5 APK latest version of 2023 on your android and iOS. Additional mini-missions in the GTA 5 iOS edition include damaging a neighborhood, performing outrageous stunts, and jumping from cliffs and airplanes. In this article we gonna tell you about GTA 5 Apk and its data files so that you can easily download it on your android phone



GTA V APK Download Latest Version Info

Game GTA V
Category Action
Version 1.09
Size 21.2MB
Updated 1 day ago

GTA 5 APK: If you looking for an adventurous game for your android then, GTA 5 is the most famous game with amazing high-resolution graphics, character models, lighting effects, and more specifically endless missions according to your choice.  Maybe you have played on your PC but now you can also download the apk on your smartphone. Isn’t interesting? Since Childhood, we have grown up playing this type of game which excites our life. Yeah! how can we forget GTA in Vice city? Gangster games where we have done all types of crimes regardless of missions. Whether we accomplished the mission or not but we can whatever we wish such as can snatched cars, broke into bars, irritate the police, etc. Well, GTA’s first game was set in motion in 1997 which was Grand Theft Auto. Subsequently, they got enormous fame and released GTA  II, III, and IV, and after so long now we got GTA V. The amazing part is that you can play games on your smartphones

About GTA 5 APK

GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto is a name that almost everyone knows in the world of gaming. A number of hit series GTA comes on the platforms and become blockbuster. GTA 5 apk is created by a Game developer named Rockstar North. It is basically popular among emerging youngster who has a passion to accomplish missions with full dedication.  In GTA 5, players can do activities from fancy racing, robbery missions, death matches, sports competitions, and custom maps, to cooperative challenges, bars for relaxation, and many more. You can also play the game according to your desire. The main premise of GTA 5 is to Work as a criminal in a virtual state with various partners who are integrated into the ongoing plot. The Replica of Southern California is the virtual state that is present in GTA 5 Android. Three criminals operating in various cities are the center of the entire narrative.

Earlier GTA 5 was played on  PC and Play Station but now it is available on Android and iOS. After seeing the interest of android users in GTA, the developer created the GTA apk in a beta version especially for android for smooth functioning.  And the most important part is that GTA Apk is not available on the Play Store but, you can download it through a third-party link available on our website. Don’t Worry, caltongate is a very trustworthy site when it comes to downloading any apk. So keep scrolling down to know about games and their installation process. All  You need to download GTA V Apk  + Data + OBB file which require almost 3 GB storage in your phone. Dont be shock guys, you need good enough space in your android phone to make it happen.

 Features of GTA 5

GTA v 5 has outstanding graphics and animation therefore you should have high-quality ram in your phone for smooth functioning. The game has an immersive plot involving a web of character interactions. If you download GTA 5 apk, you’ll discover a wide range of vehicles in all categories as well as the option to customize them in body shops strewn throughout Los Santos. Naturally, stealing cars is a need, but hijacking helicopters and planes may also be fun, especially if you also elect to fly fighter jets and shoot down other aircraft.

Keys features

  • All of the game’s characters, vehicles, and designs are fantastic and appear to be real.
  • High-Quality HD Graphics.
  • Compared to other GTA games, this one’s vehicle driving controls are amazing.
  • The game’s non-player characters all have their own lines and dialogues, which enhances the immersion and lifelikeness of the entire experience.
  • There are two fundamental game modes available. The first method is to stick to the plot as established. You will be able to play the game exactly as intended by the creator if you do it this way. Since everything is set and well organised, it almost feels like you’re watching an action movie. The second option would be to get lost in Grand Theft Auto’s huge valleys. After all, it is only then that the real essence may be felt.
  • There are many exciting missions in it, so as soon as one is finished, you’ll be more eager to accomplish the next.
  • This game’s narrative is incredibly detailed and lengthy. This game will take you at least a week to finish, which is really huge for a smartphone app.😊
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 has become a huge hit since so many of the cars, motorcycles, houses, supplies, clothing, and other items in the game can only be purchased with real money.

System Requirements to Play GTA V Apk on Android

As it is a highly advanced graphics game therefore all you have to need good a performance android phone which means 8 gb ram. Download the Apk file which I mention above and also below then adhere to our setup instructions to install GTA V Apk on your smartphone. A high-performance Android phone is the first and utmost important requirement.

Ram: 4GB+

CPU: At least 2 Core

Android Version: 6.0+

How to Install GTA 5 APK in Any Android Phone?

After fulfilling all the system requirements, you can easily install GTA 5 App in your phone. The following Steps to for installation:-

GTA 5 unknown souce

  1. So First of all,  you have to do is turn ONN the unknown sources installed i.e. go to setting>security> unknown source.
  2. Make Sure you have enough space to download like almost 2-3 GB
  3. Then, Download the GTA 5 APK From the Above button.
  4. We need to extract the Data file from this Game folder, therefore download the ES File Explorer app now.
  5. Now open Ex File Explorer and navigate to the downloads folder. You will see the GTA 5 Data Zip file there with the name com.rockstargames.gtasa.
  6. Extract this Zip file now and go to Android >> OBB. (If there isn’t an OBB folder in the Android folder, make one by renaming it Obb and extracting your file there.)

Yeah! All done You have successfully installed GTA 5 in your phone so, enjoy the breathtaking views and thrilling missions on the game.

Download GTA 5 for IOS Devices

Use the link below to download GTA 5 for iOS if you have an iOS device  This is among the simplest ways to download GTA 5 to your iPhone. GTA 5 APK for iOS devices is now available.

Some GTA V 5 ScreenShots

GTA 5 Apk

GTA 5 for android

GTA 5 Apk

Final Statement

The most popular game GTA 5 is now back not only on play station or  PC but also on your android & iOS. GTA V rocks with its graphics on every system version and platform. As you already know about GTA V 5 Apk downloading process and requirements to install. For further updates and version, we will keep updating our article related to GTA series till then enjoy the games feels free to comment for any queries



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